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Nutrition Spotlight: Brassicas

This Nutrition Spotlight post is on brassicas, or cruciferous vegetables. These brassicas all have different nutritional profiles, but there is a lot of similarity in what major benefits we get by including them in our nutrition.

Cruciferous vegetables are such excellent sources of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate, and of course fiber. Some are even great sources of iron and other compounds such as nitrates which help to improve blood flow. I also think of glucosinolates when I think of cruciferous vegetables. These compounds boast so much antioxidant activity, making them disease-protective and helpful for impeding cancer cell growth, making them protective against cancer as well. Brassica vegetables are also helpful for balancing inflammation, supporting digestive health, and helping with our body's natural detoxification processes. So yes, eat your veggies, but be sure to especially eat your cruciferous veggies! .

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