As a professional soccer player, I had become aware of the significant impact that optimizing your diet can have on performance. I wanted to make a conscious effort to ensure I was doing everything I could to stay at the top of my game and I could not be happier with that change, once finding Will and OPW. 

From the start, Will’s desire to want to make sure he was working alongside me in a way that made me feel supported, was so encouraging and was fundamental to the process. Together, we have a built a routine that ensures I have optimized my diet in a way that fully supports what my body needs and also has made me feel more confident in my performance. Will’s commitment and knowledge has been so insightful and has undoubtedly made a huge impact to my overall health, as well as my training on the field on a daily basis.

Rachel Corsie

Scotland National Team Player

Utah Royals FC (NWSL) - Canberra United (W League)

I am a Professional soccer player in Europe and I have been working with Will from a far. His knowledge, advice and methods have been incredible for my education. I have become more aware of what my body needs for optimal functioning and recovery and Will has given me purpose for my nutrition which as a result, makes me feel good on and off the pitch. Will is amazing, incredibly focussed and cares a hell of a lot about YOU! He makes complicated simple and I am so glad i have been working with him.

Izzy Christiansen

Olympique Lyonnais

England National Team

I contacted Will for nutrition advice to elevate my professional running career and to help improve my bone density through diet. Will is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness/health and has been a great help in tweaking my diet to meet all dietary needs, but also not having to completely change my diet from what I like. He has been there every step of the way, easy to be in contact with and makes diet and lifestyle changes very easy. I would recommend anyone looking for nutrition or wellness advice to contact Will.

Tara Welling

2016 US Half Marathon Champion

Professional Runner for Skechers Performance

Utah Royals FC logo

Working with Will has been such a positive experience for me. I am a professional soccer player and I eat a plant based diet. Will is so knowledgable about nutrition and has been able to help me with my food choices so I am able to get optimal recovery and perform at my best very. Will is excellent about responding to all of my questions, concerns and curiosities about certain foods, nutrients, calories and vitamins/minerals. Will is also extremely easy to talk to, and is able to explain nutritional information to me so I am able to fully understand it. Will has been able to help me with my my overall diet, but in particularly days leading up to a game, pre game fueling and post game recovery. I feel amazing at training, and my recovery is better than its ever been. I truly credit it to my nutrition, which Will has helped me with so much. 
Highly recommend On Pace Wellness!

Erika Tymrak

Professional Soccer Player

Utah Royals FC - NWSL

It's been great being able to work with Will on my overall health and nutrition. I'm a professional soccer player, and I started off my season injured. Coming back in the middle of a season isn't easy, and Will was there to get me back out on the field as soon as possible. He helped me find the best supplements to be taking while also monitoring my diet throughout my recovery. Now I am back on the field, and Will is helping me learn more about pre training and post training fuel. Will is very easy to talk to, and is always there to help! Feeling fully recovered is something I've always struggled with in the past, and Will has helped me find the right foods and supplements to aid with my recovery, and I've really felt a difference. I've learned so much from him, and it's been a great experience working with Will!

Vanessa DiBernardo

Professional Soccer Player

Chicago Red Stars FC - NWSL

Utah Royals FC logo

Will Rocks - and is extremely knowledgeable. I'm a professional soccer player and I've been working with will for around four or five months. I was introduced to will after a hip surgery that has left me out for the season. Will has helped me ensure I'm taking in the proper amount of nutrients while I recover. He has helped tailor my eating habits towards foods, vitamins and supplements that decrease inflammation, and promote recovery and muscle maintenance. As I make my way back to playing, and increase my load, Will has been consistent and checks in often to ensure my diet is changing appropriately in order to maintain optimal performance. I couldn't ask for a better nutrition coach, and I'm so thankful to have him on my team

Mandy Laddish

Professional Soccer Player

Utah Royals FC - NWSL

I love working with Will on my nutrition. He listens to my concerns, thoughts, and questions, then gives helpful ideas to address my needs. Will is very quick to respond to emails and messages, has time available to meet when needed. I love that Will gives plant-based nutrition suggestions along with a holistic approach to fueling for sports. As a plant-based athlete, I really appreciate this! Thanks for all your support in getting me ready for my marathon!

Katie D.

Portland, OR

I’m an ultra-runner and a PhD Candidate. I was seeking some external accountability and coaching guidance to support my training while completing my dissertation and Will has provided in dividends!! I’ve increased my overall speed and endurance through the training he has provided. Moreover, he provides flexibility that I could not receive from following a generic online training plan. Will is very responsive and helps make adjustments and modifications according to the time I have available and how my body responds to workouts. He has also helped me to select races and provides racing strategies. I would strongly recommend Will to any runner – new and old alike!


Brenna Bray

    PhD Candidate, Biomedical Sciences & Neuroscience

    Ultramarathon Runner

Will is awesome! He is helping me adjust my diet to support training for my first ultramarathon at the age of 50. As a runner himself he is able to recommend easy to implement, simple nutritional tweaks that make a difference. He takes into account my personal situation, likes and requirements with the view toward controlling weight while fueling hard workouts properly. Best of all, he is easy to talk to and listens without judgment. It's very easy to talk to Will and he is very generous with his time.  Highly recommend his services!

Amy W.

San Diego, CA

Will is amazing! I am a MMA fighter and have many, many food allergies. Working with will has helped me properly fuel for my intense life training. He is always concerned for my well being and checks in regularly. The dietary guide from Will is so detailed and personalized, it’s exactly what I needed. Highly recommend.


Jenna B.

MMA Fighter

New Jersey

"It had been a few years since I had exercised or seriously considered my health from a holistic perspective. I'd begun eating 100% plant-based and then decided it was time to run another marathon. Will worked with me, via email, to get a sense of my health and wellness, provided recommendations that I could try, and helped me set some goals. After awhile, he began coaching me in marathon training too. I lost weight and am close to meeting my goals, while also feeling prepared and more athletically fit than I have in years. Will listens, is not afraid to get into the details, is responsive, and has great suggestions. It's been a game-changer for me." 

Ron G.

New Orleans, LA

Working remotely via email, Will helped make my transition to a plant based diet easy, which is no small task considering that I struggle with Crohn's disease. He helped me identify foods that were causing inflammation and I feel so much better because of it. I am sleeping better, and I am noticing a faster recovery time between workouts. I fully recommend.

Jen B.

North Carolina

Will is an amazing and supportive coach. He is patient, doesn't judge and cheers for your wins. His knowledge about nutrition is so amazing and his tips and suggestions helped me successfully upgrade my nutrition. It makes me feel full of energy, and my skin stopped breaking out. I would highly recommend Will to anyone wanting to improve their nutrition!

Stéphanie de G.

Groningen, Netherlands

After many years of stress and over-commitment at age 52 I faced reality that I had become overweight, unfit, and nutritionally confused. After a couple months of going it alone I knew I needed support and guidance to succeed in reaching my goals. I found Will who had the combined knowledge to help me in both areas I wanted to focus on - fitness AND nutrition. His training plan has challenged me and I'm well beyond where I expected to be after 3+ months. His nutrition guidance and tips have been invaluable in pointing out I do have time to make meals that are nutritious and help me feel better throughout the day. The regular email communication has been the biggest bonus for me to stay on track and focused on my goals. Will is a great communicator and a great coach. He helps me believe that I can reach new goals I didn't even know I had! I highly recommend Will if you are looking for help in these areas.

Leslie J.

Portland, OR

Will is responsive and communicates clearly. His email responses and running programs are handled very well. He makes the training schedules challenging, flexible and most importantly, enjoyable. You can't go wrong with him! Wish I was located closer to Portland!

Scott M.

Providence, RI

The Farm 2 Table group at Pacific Academy was extremely excited to host Will this past week. He provided an incredible informational lesson on the importance of fruits and vegetables in our diets. Students learned new and exciting ways to incorporate veggies into their smoothies, and make them taste delicious!  After several smoothie concoction samples with various fruits and veggies, our students were asking for Will to come back ASAP.  Big thanks to Will for spending time to make a difference in the lives of our students.

-Farm 2 Table teachers,

Pacific Academy (Beaverton, OR)

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