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About Will


You can't perform or feel your best if your nutrition is not at its best. 

I learned several years ago that nutrition plays a major role in the body's performance, including its health. As a nutritionist, I focus on using nutrition to help the body perform the best it can, whether that be athletically or just functionally.

I started reading a lot about nutrition and health, and quickly realized that there is so much information out there. Figuring out the nutritional approach that works best for me has been quite a journey, one that I'm still learning from. Part of my journey  was earning a Master's in Nutrition Science from a medical university in Portland, Oregon so I could better understand nutrition and better serve others who are looking to find the nutrition approach that works best for them.

With regards to athletic performance, what and how you eat has the potential to help make your goals a reality or to impede your training and performance, while potentially reducing your health at the same time. Although I'm not exclusively a sports or performance nutritionist, as an avid runner and soccer player myself, I love working with athletes. Not only do I help athletes optimize their nutrition for their performance, but I also specialize in helping athletes recover from injury and surgery, including concussion recovery, ACL rehabilitation, and more.


My wife and I are originally from New Jersey, but love living in the Pacific Northwest. Valentina (Naturopathic physician), our infant son Emilio, and I live with our dog and two cats in SE Portland and love reading, playing soccer, socializing with friends, attending plays, and helping people improve their health.


Whether you want to elevate your performance, speed up your injury recovery, or improve your nutrition for other reasons, I'm ready to help you with your goals.


​Are you ready to optimize your nutrition and take your health and performance to the next level? 


​Master's of Science in Nutrition (MScN)

​National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR


Master's in Education (M.Ed.)

Rutgers Graduate School of Education, New Brunswick, NJ

Adjunct Faculty

National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR

Certified Running Coach

USATF Level 1 Certification

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