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Stevie Chaddock, MScN, is a nutritionist who provides nutritional counseling for her clients while focusing on their food relationships and how this impacts their overall health. She is specifically interested in gut microbiome dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, and female hormone regulation.

Stevie graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance. Two weeks after graduation, she moved to Chicago and spent the next eight years working as a professional theatre actor. After the birth of their daughter, she and her husband Andy (also an actor) and decided they needed a bit more stability for their little family. Stevie has always loved the ever-growing, ever-changing field of nutrition and was drawn to the nutrition master’s program at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She decided it was time to move her family across the country to pursue another dream.

In deciding to follow this path of becoming a nutritionist, Stevie was excited about the opportunity to combine her love for human connection with her passion for food. She believes that food is information. So much can be learned about a person by looking at what they eat, how they eat, and who they eat with. She also believes that food is an emotional and spiritual experience. Food should be celebrated. Most people have very profound memories and experiences surrounding food. Welcoming that, embracing that, having that be a part of the dialogue is big component of what she does.

I have been working with Stevie for over a month now and she's amazing! We are working through an autoimmune issue that I have and in the last month I have seen amazing progress that I haven't seen when working with my internist. I can't thank her enough for her advice and support. - AM

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