About On Pace Wellness


There's an emphasis on whole foods. Supplements help, but we take a whole-foods-first approach.

We strive to achieve the right balance that allows for optimal health and sustainable change.


Nutrition is just one part of the "optimal health" puzzle. OPW helps you put this puzzle together.

Whether you're a professional athlete, a local 5k hero, a weekend warrior, or the person cheering on the sidelines...your nutrition matters. 


You may have a goal to simply maintain fitness and stay healthy or you might have a goal to elevate your performance. I have a goal too: to help you with yours. 

My mission:

​     1. Optimize your nutrition to keep you healthy and doing what you love to do.

     2. Speed up your recovery, reduce injury risk, and help you elevate your training and                   performance.

     3. Help you establish dietary changes that are sustainable so you are confident in

         maintaining them beyond our work together.​


As your nutritionist, I will take the time to learn about you, your experiences, and your current dietary patterns. I want to know your story. We will discuss your goals and/or concerns and work together to create a plan for moving forward. It is my hope that you are not looking for one session to provide you with all you need. Nutrition coaching is a process and I am here to help you make changes that are realistic and sustainable for you, but a commitment to this process is necessary from you as well.​

It's usually not as simple as "Eat this, not that." You may have food allergies or sensitivities that need to be addressed, a history of injury that I wouldn't want to ignore, or you may be experiencing sleep issues or other seemingly unrelated matters. As your nutritionist, I will address these issues and more so as to keep you healthy and to enhance your performance as an athlete. Also, you don't have to be in Portland for us to work together as our nutrition coaching is completely accessible virtually.

Not an athlete? That's okay. I am not exclusively a sports nutritionist and we also have another nutritionist (Stevie) that can support you too. We're happy to discuss your concerns and goals and help you find a nutritional approach that optimizes your health and addresses your needs. As we do with everyone, we will work with you to guide the process of realistic and sustainable dietary change that will improve your health, restore your energy levels, and get you feeling well again. 

Are you ready to improve your health?

Are you ready to reach your next level?

Let's get started.