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Jesse Rich


My typical focuses:

  • Sports nutrition

  • General wellness

  • Diabetes care

  • Cancer support

  • Liver support

Jesse has learned a lot through his formal education in nutrition, but perhaps even more through personal application. Jesse started running ultra marathons in 2013 and has become competitive ever since, earning 14 podium finishes. He contributes some of this success to proper fueling strategies and improved daily nutrition. He learned that by optimizing recovery through diet, he could optimize his training as well. Jesse has experimented with various nutrition modalities and helps individuals find what works best for them. He is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others so they can fulfill their true potential. Jesse doesn't just work with athletes, he also has extensive experience in diabetes, cancer, and liver disease. 

After graduating with a BA from Utah State University in Spanish, Jesse went on to receive his Master’s degree in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Jesse accepted an internship from a trail running company based in Portland before graduating. He worked with running athletes on their nutrition one-on-one and created health presentations for groups. After receiving a job offer as a sports nutritionist in Portland, Jesse made the tough decision to move back home to be near family. He then joined a naturopathic clinic to provide nutrition care alongside several naturopathic physicians before teaming up with On Pace Wellness. 

Jesse currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, two kids, and dog. He continues to train and race on the local trails. 

Although Jesse is a wonderfully capable nutrition and fitness coach, he is so much more and his varied talents truly set him apart in his field.  Jesse’s gifts in working behind the curtain of the mind and identifying the true motivations that lead to success not only helped me define what that success meant to me as an individual but also how to get there and sustain it long term. With Jesse’s experience, skill set, professionalism, creativity, compassion and intuitive support I accomplished big picture goals that I’d held for a long time    

- Britt C

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