Optimizing your Nutrition for Improved Health, Wellness, and Performance
Wilfredo Benitez, MScN, M.Ed.
USATF Level 1 Certified Running Coach
University Adjunct Faculty - Sports Nutrition

Get to know OPW

Why should you work with On Pace Wellness?

Do you want to:

  • improve your athletic performance and recovery?

  • increase your energy throughout the day?

  • stop feeling so bloated after certain meals?

  • improve your sleep?

  • heal from injury or surgery more efficiently?

  • make sure you're getting the proper nutrition you need?

  • get to a healthy weight, maybe without focusing entirely on the numbers?

  • learn more about food and supplements; be guided to the best nutrition for you; and feel empowered that you can continue our work well beyond us working together?


Well, here's what I want: to help you optimize your nutrition in the most manageable and sustainable manner possible.

For many, nutrition is the last frontier to improving their health, and it can be overwhelming. My main goal is to provide you with the right tools and guidance to make this process as smooth as it can be, so you can enjoy food even more, knowing your body's performance is improved as a result.

Are you ready to optimize your nutrition and take

your health and performance to the next level? 

Who trusts

On Pace Wellness?

JP Elite.png
Therapeutic Associates PACE portland nutrition
NWSLPA nwsl players association
RunDoyen running coaching
On Pace Wellness is or has been the nutrition services provider for the above organizations, and has had the privilege of working with other companies, teams, and athletes from a variety of levels.

“I contacted Will for nutrition advice to elevate my professional running career. Will is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness/health and has been a great help in tweaking my diet to meet all dietary needs, but also not having to completely change my diet from what I like. He has been there every step of the way, easy to be in contact with and makes diet and lifestyle changes very easy."

Tara Welling
Elite Runner

As a professional soccer player, I wanted to make a conscious effort to ensure I was doing everything I could to stay at the top of my game and I could not be happier with that change, once finding Will and OPW. 

From the start, Will’s desire to want to make sure he was working alongside me in a way that made me feel supported, was so encouraging and was fundamental to the process. Together, we have a built a routine that ensures I have optimized my diet in a way that fully supports what my body needs and also has made me feel more confident in my performance. Will’s commitment and knowledge has been so insightful and has undoubtedly made a huge impact to my overall health, as well as my training on the field on a daily basis.

Rachel Corsie

Scotland National Team

Professional NWSL Soccer Player

Utah Royals FC

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